Old Mines in the area Norra Ängen, ( North Meadow) Kopparmossen (CopperBog) and Kopparhagen (CopperGrove)

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Bergsstaten- The Swedish Mining Inspectorate    Norra Ängen: Ängsgruvan


        Type of deposit                 Sulphide

        Main type of deposit       Sulphide

        Commodity                       Cu; Zn;   ( Koppar, Zink)

        Main commodity            Cu; Zn;   ( Koppar, Zink

        Mode of occurrence  

        Economic status             Significant prospect

        County  Värmlands län

        Municipality                    Sunne

        Metal group
        Base metals

        Main metals                     Cu, Ag, U, Au, Fe, Mn ( Koppar, silver, uran, guld, järn, mangan)

        Prospectivity                    Good

       Deposit minerals              Bornite; chalcopyrite; pyrite; sphalerite;  Production completed
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Bergsstaten- The Swedish Mining Inspectorate           Stora Mangens kopparfält

        Name                                 Mangens Storgruva

        Alternative name 1        Stora Mangens kopparfält

        Alternative name 2  

        Ore field                             Mangens kopparguvor

        Type of deposit                Sulphide

        Main type of deposit      Sulphide

        Commodity                       Cu  Koppar

        Main commodity            Cu  Koppar

        Production initiated        1839

        Production completed    1899

Metal group Base metals

        Main metals               Cu  ( Koppar )

        Other metals              Au  ( Guld )

        Size category             Showing



        Mined tonnage           0.001

        Total tonnage             0.0013

        Code used                 

        Ag (ppm)                   

        Au (ppm)  1.2

        Co (%) 

        Cr (%)  

        Cu (%)  7

Name  Värmland Cu-Ag, U, Au, Fe-Mn (  Koppar, silver, uran, guld, järn, mangan)

        Metal group               Base metals

        Main metals               Cu, Ag, U, Au, Fe, Mn  ( Koppar, silver, uran, guld, järn, mangan)

        Prospectivity              Good
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https://apps.sgu.se/kartvisare/kartvisare-malm-mineral.html      Södra Ängens Gruvor

Ore field       

        Type of deposit              Sulphide;

        Main type of deposit    Sulphide

        Commodity                     Fe-sulphides; Cu;

        Main commodity          Fe-sulphides; Cu;

Skärpning på sulfidmalm, sulfidmineralisering / Sulphide ore prospect or  mineralization

Name: Värmland              Cu-Ag, U, Au, Fe-Mn, ( Koppar, silver, uran, guld, järn, mangan)

        Metal group                Base metals

        Main metals               Cu, Ag, U, Au, Fe, Mn ( ( Koppar, silver, uran, guld, järn, mangan)

        Prospectivity              Good

No mining has yet been conducted in the area for AstridGruvan Ltd´s property!

Because the former owner, Ms Astrid Johansson's grandfather owned the land and had informed the English company's representatives of the rich mineralization in the area.
But, as Astrid told us, the Englishmen went back to raise capital to build railway from the town of Arvika in Värmland, and transport the ore by barge on the Glafsfjord back to England!

They had found a very rich deposit, worth every effort!

Then World War I broke out and something happened and they never come back!
But Astrid's grandfather was faithful the English company, so he never reported anything to the Swedish Mining Inspectorate and therefore everyone thought there was nothing left of value.

With today's modern opportunities to explore with geophysical flights and ground measurements, these results actually show that the area we have permitts for is in lines with the former mines mention above and also the rich Norwegian gold mines Eidsvoll and Grinder, Norway's border is only 2.5 km away!

Everything indicates that the samples and analyzes we made in this area, shows that the largest area of valuable minerals is here!
And even tourmaline should be found since we found it in a drill core!

Pure copper has also been found, which is unusual for Sweden.

Ordinary gold panning showed that there is goldflakes in the smaller creek below the Copperbog area!

                   This area in Värmland is also called ”the Värmländska Goldline”!

Our properties:             No. 1 Kalvhagen         No. 2 Copper hagen           No. 3 Norra Ängen (Northern Meadow)
Gold-Copper-Silver-Iron-REE etc....

Text to the map below:

The property "Bortan 1 and 2" is gold/silver mines from 1890-1910.

The Grinder and Eidsvoll goldmines in Norway, (no mining anymore).

Information taken from this link: http://www.miningjournal.com/__data/assets/supplement_file_attachment/0005/197996/Norway_scr.pdf

”The Sveconorwegian deposits are mainly small mineralised quartz veins
that become auriferous in sulphide bearing segments representing the
ore bodies.
These contain variable proportions of pyrite, chalcopyrite, bismuth sulphides and native gold, eg in the quartz veins of Eidsvoll, near Oslo.

The gold grades reach several hundred grammes per tonne but the tonnages are under 0.1Mt.

The Grinder deposit and others northeast of Oslo are a different type, associated with pyritised phyllonitic sericite schists, related to a regional mylonite zone extending northwards from Gothenburg in Sweden.

The grades are generally low, around 0.5g/t Au, but the tonnages are large”

When studying the flight magnetic map, it is shown that the vains all lays in the same lines as Norra Ängen, and that our property, Norra Ängen with Copperridge and Copper bog is believed to be the main deposit!