REE- Rare Earth Mineral results

Since previous analyzes showed Increased values of REE, we decided to do a new, analysis of selected parts of drill cores of the approximately 2.000 m that were previously drilled.

The analyzes came back with a significantly higher value of REE, and it should be mentioned that the geophysical measurements in area two, (no drilling yet), shows 2-3 times higher values!

However, these REE results are just a by-product because we have focused primarily on copper, gold, silver and high quality iron, with really good results.

We will continue to make more analyzes for REE as the project progresses.
So far we are very pleased with the results!

The analyzes below for Rare Earth minerals, REE, are from the area with low geophysical measurements!

The area with the significantly higher values ​​is confirmed via geophysical ground measurements, IP / Magnetic.

The potential for higher REE is really promising, likewise for a increase of all the other base metals!


                                                            Please NOTE!


A minor delay has occurred due to Corona and the Christmas weekend.
The information indicates that the analyzes will probably come within a

Sorry for the delay!

                                     The images below of fluorescent drill core from 250 m depth.