Above map, the area Norra Ängen,( North Meadow) Kopparmossen (CopperBog) and Kopparhagen (CopperGrove)

Looking at the flight magnetic map for the whole area, there is a stright line from our property, "Norra Ängen", all the way
in to Norway! It is only approximate 100 km!

AstridGruvan Ab holds 3 permits for the Norra Ängen properties.

In some earlier analyzis from the test area, sent to Reed lab. In USA, the results came back with gold 7.8gr/ton, silver 303,8gr/ton!
This is from the area with ”low” geophysics results!

This area in Värmland is also called ”the Värmländska Goldline”!

As for the map abov:

The property "Bortan 1 and 2" is gold/silver mines from 1890-1910.
The Grinder and Eidsvoll goldmines in Norway, (no mining anymore).

Information taken from this link: http://www.miningjournal.com/__data/assets/supplement_file_attachment/0005/197996/Norway_scr.pdf

”The Sveconorwegian deposits are mainly small mineralised quartz veins
that become auriferous in sulphide bearing segments representing the
ore bodies.
These contain variable proportions of pyrite, chalcopyrite, bismuth sulphides and native gold, eg in the quartz veins of Eidsvoll, near Oslo.

The gold grades reach several hundred grammes per tonne but the
tonnages are under 0.1Mt.

The Grinder deposit and others northeast of Oslo are a different type, associated with pyritised phyllonitic sericite schists, related to a regional mylonite zone extending northwards from Gothenburg in Sweden.
The grades are generally low, around 0.5g/t Au, but the tonnages are large”

When studying the flight magnetic map, it is shown that the vains all lays in the same lines as Norra Ängen, and that our property, Norra Ängen with Copperridge and Copper bog is believed to be the main deposit!


We started with blasting at 4-5 meters depth in a test pit!
Analysis from Reed Labb, California USA, shows:

Gold, from 78 g/n

Silver 303 g/ton.

Copper from 3,9%

Iron, up to 20,5%   Of really good quality!

Aluminium up to 7,38 % 

And all REE - Rare Earth Element -

Sällsynta jordartsmetaller (förkortas ibland REE efter engelskans rare earth element
eller REM efter rare earth metal), är metalliska grundämnen vars föreningar förekommer
relativt sparsamt i naturen.